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  • 23 April..

    If I say “those were the days” for the feasts it means ages gone and I grew old. Actually our parent..

  • Holiday Preparations Vol:1..

    Hello All, I am writing this article in a sunny İstanbul day. First rush of the city almost compl..

  • Do not underestimate the tip of you..

    The appearance of your nose tip and the layout are the most important issues after a rhinoplasty ope..

  • Breast which is something more than..

    A rainy morning in İstanbul… I want to remove the clouds of melancholy a bit.. Let me talk abo..

  • Terror, Sadness and Lives elapsing...

    I wish I could also write about health, beauty, innovations in these rows. Since 2 days I am trying ..

  • “Ladies Summer is coming”..

    We plastic surgeons always talk about the same issues every spring. “Undergo your necessary care, ha..

  • Beauty but according to whom?..

    We had a discussion today related to the question “What is the Common Sense of Beauty” and we reache..

  • Youth, beauty and natural appearanc..

    Youth, beauty and natural appearance… Some of the answers given to the question of “What do women..