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Abdominal Aesthetics and Body Sculpting

Today, dietary habits and immobile living conditions give rise to fats stored in our body parts like abdomen, hips, inside and outside of our legs, knees. Unfortunately it is not possible to get rid of them only with diet and exercise. Of course neither abdominoplasty nor liposuction interventions are not a way of losing weight. But these are methods that can be preferred for patients in order to provide a thinner waist, a smoother abdomen and hips and legs in proportion with the upper part of the body.

Deformation in abdominal part of the body may not only be due to fat deposition. Women may face dystonia in their abdominal wall after pregnancy and delivery even though they do not get on too much weight or the skin of their abdomen may be wrinkled. Downwards skin laxity, overlaps and consequent rashes can be encountered by some women with extreme number of deliveries. At this stage it is inevitable to make mini or total abdominoplasty.

Liposuction can be added to the operation at any phase and either only liposuction or both liposuction and body sculpturing can be performed. I expect you to visit us to determine the best appropriate technique for you.