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  • Ultrasonik Liposuction..

    Diyet ve egzersiz ile verilemeyen inatçı yağların bir vakum yardımıyla küçük bir delikten uzaklaştır..

  • Liposuction..

    Liposuction is the method of extracting fat through the help of vacuum. This surgery which is genera..

  • Otoplasty..

    Growth of our ears is completed in our childhood and they reach to their adult size. After then they..

  • Mammoplasty..

    Breasts are the first growing organ during passage from childhood to adolescence effecting the appea..

  • Abdominal Esthetics and Body Sculpt..

    Today, dietary habits and immobile living conditions give rise to fats stored in our body parts like..

  • Facial Rejuvenation..

    Sunlight, environmental factors and time wear our skin and aging symptoms occur. Even though we cann..

  • Rhinoplasty..

    Rhinoplasty Turkey Nose… the first thing we are taught about is that it is one of our five sense or..