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Rhinoplasty Turkey

Nose… the first thing we are taught about is that it is one of our five sense organs. But generally it is much more for us when we look at the mirror after we become an adolescent.

“How do I look in my profile?”

“Wouldn’t it be better if the tip of my nose is elevated some?”

“I think I have a wide nose”

“I shoud mask my nasal hump with eyeglasses”

And similar statements have been in our minds of all. Because our nose is just in the center of our face and it is one of the most important elements of our face and the shape and harmony with other parts of our face of determine our expression. However, very few of us can dare to leave our noses to a surgeon. Because there is some people undergone rhinoplasty before, whose stories  spread abroad like legends.

“Did you hear, she had rhinoplasty but her nose collapsed”

“I had rhinoplasty but the tip of my nose prolapsed”

“It hurts a lot when extracting the tampons”

These and other similar statements make us fear and get away from going under surgery and perhaps we will evade from to have our photo taken and try many positions in order not to be seen in the profile when we meet new people.

However, contemporary developments in surgery techniques, improvements in the variety and quality of the surgery materials make us only laugh at such concerns… But.. There is one point here which should be taken into attention is that selecting your surgeon.. It is not possible for you to face problems with a surgeon who listens to the expectations of the patient and provides best solution options specific to her/his needs, following the latest innovations in her/his field and who participates scientific meeting and can transform the knowledge acquired therein into practice and an experienced one which is the most important issue while selecting your plastic surgeon. Selection of surgical technique also varies from surgeon to surgeon. We should only give attention to the issue that selection of surgical technique should be taken into consideration for selection of surgical technique since face architecture, skin quality and nose shape of each individual varies and everyone should be offered the best solution specific to their own characteristics.

Do you still have some concerns, visit us and let’s talk about it. Let us offer you solutions specific for your face after a detailed examination and assessment. Be sure your self-confidence and social acceptability will increase …