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Liposuction is the method of extracting fat through the help of vacuum. This surgery which is generally used for regional fat deposition which cannot be remedied despite diet and exercises or for particularly body reshaping which is common lately is one of the mostly applied esthetic applications in the world. It can be applied through classic liposuction method or with the help of Vaser or Laser. We achieve better and lasting results in common use of Vaser device. Vaser only crushes the fat tissue through ultrasonography and does not harm any other tissues. Therefore, the patient has less hemorrhage and pain and we can have a more smooth skin surface since the fat is crushed better. Furthermore with Vaser we can reshape existing fat which is called “high definition body sculpting” to form 3D structures for example we can create six-pacs. In this way we can create a muscled appearance on your abdomen as if you made abdominal exercise. Also it is possible to crease a thinner waist or arm muscle appearance with hi-def.

Through laser liposuction again fat tissues are crushed without damaging the other tissues and can be extracted by vacuuming. Furthermore internal laser application is made in the tissue to tighten up the skin. In this way a significant renovation is possible for our patients with skin laxity.

Detailed examination is required in order to determine which technique is more appropriate for you