"Ladies Summer is coming" | Op. Dr. Esra Bilgen
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“Ladies Summer is coming”

We plastic surgeons always talk about the same issues every spring. “Undergo your necessary care, have your operations done”.

However, I would like to clarify something due to feedback of the applicants. Because there is a part of community who believe if an operation is made during summer it won’t be successful.

Actually there isn’t any concern that no operation or care application can be done during summer, the surgeons only suggest protection from any environment where there can be microbes such as sea, pools besides heavy exercises for 1 month after the operation and protection from sunlight. Because sunlight make the scars more visible. Furthermore, post-operative care and medical dressings may be required for some time. In summer holiday and social activities are on the front burner. The most important thing is that how long is your holiday season. If your vacation holiday is a short term, then there is no problem to get operated after your holiday during summer. My personal suggestion is that only applications on your facial area should be handled after summer, because we have to protect our face and even we use sun protection there may be some side effects.

Conclusively, any operations performed after your social activity season in summer shall have the same level of success.

The most important thing is that not to put such operation to a tight schedule just before your social activities of important dates like exams no matter how it is summer or winter.