Breast which is something more than an organ for Women | Op. Dr. Esra Bilgen
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Breast which is something more than an organ for Women

A rainy morning in İstanbul…

I want to remove the clouds of melancholy a bit..

Let me talk about breast of women today. One of the symbols of fruitfulness, which should be displayed or hidden from culture to culture, in some cultures of which women should get ashamed of.. The ultimate resource for feeding a baby and a focus point of women body and sexual life..

Although girls apply due to their problems with the size of their breast, mostly women apply who seeks the former shape of their breast after delivery. Particularly since the upper part of their breast over the nipple gets empty and relaxation and wrinkling of the breast skin are the common problems I encounter.  Although bra technology make women to have the appearance they wish outside, when they are in front of the mirror taking off their bras they become unhappy at that moment. So that many of the applicants may say they do not have sex with their husband or they don’t take off their bra in the bed. It is a hard and destructive experience for their self-confidence.

Many women may continue their lives unhappy under such disturbing conditions, some of them prefer an operation to overcome this problem. We can shrink and apply mastopexy for the breasts which were left huge after delivery due to weight gain. If it is wrinkled like a bag as the applicants express we shall prefer filling with implant that means silicon prosthesis.

Yes, all of these are operations and needs time of healing but how would it be possible to regain beauty naturally?

As a woman, I wish to suggest women that as much as we value our selves and take care of ourselves the others shall value us so much and shall want to be like us.

With complements..