Beauty but according to whom? | Op. Dr. Esra Bilgen
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Beauty but according to whom?

We had a discussion today related to the question “What is the Common Sense of Beauty” and we reached the definition of “divine proportion” with my colleagues. In mathematics and art Divine Proportion is a proportional relation in geometry and figures that are given to mostly competent sizes with respect to their harmony with each other. It is written as 1,618033988749894… in decimal system. Now, what do we have to do with this? Since the forehead, nose and chin cover 1/3 of the facial area or more practically the forehead, nose and chin divide the face into 3 equal parts is a divine proportion for a face.  In global sense of beauty the people having this proportion are considered as beautiful. Actually the plastic surgeons should create solutions in line with this general and global liking scale. For example, rhinoplasty operation not only requires minimizing the nose but also requires to extend the length of the nose or to widen the ridge of the nose. Proportioning with filling in the forehead and chin may also be possible. The important thing here is to determine the requirements of the individual and to provide the most beautiful appearance accordingly …?