Holiday Preparations Vol:1 | Op. Dr. Esra Bilgen
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Holiday Preparations Vol:1

Hello All,

I am writing this article in a sunny İstanbul day. First rush of the city almost completed. Employees went to their offices and students to their schools. Similarly with many others like me, everyone started to dream about the holiday on such a sunny that that reminds us summer.

When we think about holiday the first thing we remember is sea, beaches and suntan, isn’t it so? Reading a book while listening to the voice of the washing waves, to murmur lilts with your earphones on or what else … making sand castles with your children… But the common thing of all is the Sun…

These issues are a bit offending but between 1-7th of April, it was “cancer week”. Breast cancer is more highlighted during this cancer week since its prevalence increased a lot and in order to increase the awareness. However, I want to strike you about another issue when we are preparing for sunbath nowadays:

Skin Cancer!

We have to take some precautions in order to get protected from skin cancer which is caused by ultraviolet radiation. Avoiding sunbath during the intense ultraviolet radiation hours and absolutely using sun protection creams.  Minimum 30 factors but preferably 50 or 50+.  Before when we used these sun protection creams, we had a white face of which we were ashamed of, me too so we could not form a habit in this respect. However, options increased in the market of sun protection creams and there are even skin neutralizing and coloring types like foundation creams. A secret: if you do not have any sun protection cream or you’ve run out of you can use that intense white cream sun protection by mixing it with your foundation. I should also remind you that sun protection creams also slow down the ageing effect of sunlight. Therefore it should be included in your daily care ritual.

I’m only telling you…